Benedict and Brazos #12: Shoot and Be Damned

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BVP 268
E. Jefferson Clay
6 x 9 Trade paperback

On Sale December 31, 2021

Almost one year after they met, on that fateful day at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Benedict and Brazos are gifted with valuable information. But the information comes with a deadline! Outlaw Bo Rangle has begun moving his stolen Confederate gold from one hidden location to another.

The clock is ticking on their best lead, but can they trust their informant? For that matter, perhaps they can't afford not to trust him ... Several other parties are galloping toward xxx — the local marshal with a weather-beaten posse, the U.S. Cavalry with orders to capture Rangle, and the various lowlife who might not be as loyal to Rangle as he thought. By the time Benedict and Brazos confront their old enemy, they'll be surrounded by a hellfire storm of sizzling lead.