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Wolf's Clothing (eBook)

Moriah Dru, Child Trace

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A Moriah Dru / Richard Lake mystery

by Gerrie Ferris Finger

(Available in softcover edition)

The seventh in the Dru/Lake series begins when Atlanta’s famous police dog, Buddy, is stolen from his handler’s SUV. The community howls in anguish over the canine’s disappearance, and soon A.P.D. Lieutenant Richard Lake is on the hunt with his lover, P.I. Moriah Dru.

The trail leads to an investment scam, dubbed The Wolves of Atlanta, and a mega-church’s finances. As they dig deeper, the bodies begin piling up, reminding them of the old adage, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Gerrie Ferris Finger wrote for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a reporter, columnist, and served on the National News Desk and the City Desk’s City Life section. She lives on the Georgia coast with her husband, Alan.