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The Girl in the Trunk (eBook)

Bruce Cassiday

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Bruce Cassiday
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by Bruce Cassiday

(Available in print edition) 

His fellow detectives on the Honolulu force didn’t like Egan. They couldn’t stomach his sick brutality, the unholy glee with which he trapped and roughed-up mugging suspects and other victims for his sadistic fists. But Egan had a reason for the way he was. Five years before, his wife had been raped, carved and killed by an unknown mugger. Now there was a new case for the force to tackle. The victim was blonde and female…and she was bloody and dead. And the case was dumped in Egan’s lap.

" ... a well-written murder mystery, police procedural, tropical island adventure, and disaster novel rolled into 189 pages. What’s not to like?" — Tom Simon, Paperback Warrior podcast.