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Benedict and Brazos #23: Gunhawks on the Loose

Benedict and Brazos

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E. Jefferson Clay
6 x 9 Trade paperback
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by E. Jefferson Clay

A war was raging between the Anvil Ranch and its rival, the Fifty-four. Men were being cut down from ambush, cattle rustled, and each side blamed the other. Joe Tucker, boss of the Fifty-four, hired Flint and Ram Brand, two of the toughest gunfighters money could buy.

Burk Kincaid did likewise and hired Benedict and Brazos. But the urbane gambler and his partner weren’t interested in fighting a war—they wanted only to keep the peace. But the ranchers shared a dark secret at the heart of their feud. A climactic gunfight on Sheridan’s Main Street only marked the beginning of the end …

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