Awesome Tales #8: Frankenstein and Jekyll

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll in "A Difference of Opinion"

Edited by R. Allen Leider
Special Horror issue

Illustrated by Ed Coutts, design by Rich Harvey

Awesome Tales #8 presents seven stories of spine-tingling horror! Featuring "A Difference of Opinion" by R. Allen Leider, written as an homage to the late Peter Cushing -- best known for his starring roles in British horror films. Read more about it on the blog.

  1. "A Difference of Opinion" by R. Allen Leider
    Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll — two titans of malevolent medicine, comparing notes and taking names in a diabolical game of show-and-tell! "A Difference of Opinion" by R. Allen Leider depicts the unsavory events when Victor Frankenstein creates a perfect synthetic human -- but Henry Jekyll decides to test this new creature, and brings Mr. Hyde out to play!
  2. "The Monster of Sheltonville" by CJ Henderson and John L. French
    Scientists go "in search of" a legendary lake monster.
  3. "On the Way Home" by Sandra Lee Rauenzahn

    A woman’s nostalgic return to her childhood home turns into a nightmare as a horror from her past awaits her in a train station.


    "Beauty in the Beholder" by Kevin Fontan

    Douglas Yancy Funni sees beauty differently than most people.


    "Xan-Ti-Maca: The Pit of Hell" by R. Allen Leider
    An archaeological expedition uncovers political corruption, ritual murder and unspeakable ancient terror.
  6. "Nightwork" by Alan Jaffee
    A funeral parlor employee moonlights as a grave robber.
  7. "Occurrence at Capri" by Audrey Parente
    Beauty is only skin deep, but words can ruin a friendship …

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    Awesome Tales #8

    Posted by Jim Taylor on Sep 19th 2018

    Mildly disappointed by the Frankenstein vs. Dr. Jekyll story. I suppose I expected too much out of it, expecting it to arouse awe in me. Dr. Frankenstein did not have enough to do in the story, reminded me of "Evil of Frankenstein" or "Frankenstein Created Woman" where Frankenstein was portrayed as a surgical pioneer.