Awesome Tales #7: The Strange Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

The Strange Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Edited by R. Allen Leider
Special Sherlock Holmes issue

Illustrated by Ed Coutts, design by Rich Harvey

Awesome Tales #7 presents five new stories featuring the world's greatest detective, investigating everything from the sublime to the supernatural. Featuring "The Incident of the Wild West Witch" by R. Allen Leider, written as an homage to the late Peter Cushing -- best known for his starring roles in British horror films (including the 1959 version of The Hound of the Baskervilles), less known for his love of the American western genre. Read more about it on the blog.

  1. "The Incident of the Wild West Witch" by R. Allen Leider
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson tour the U.S.A., and confront an unearthly menace during a stop in Tombstone, Arizona!
  2. "The Long September Night" by Robert E. Waters
    Jack the Ripper is just a terrible memory in Whitechapel, but a woman comes to Sherlock Holmes claiming the monster still roams the night.
  3. "A Pardonable Offense" by John L. French
    A safe-cracker makes a deal with Sherlock Holmes and learns about honor.
  4. "A Study in Evil" by Gary Lovisi
    Has Sherlock Holmes finally crossed the line and resorted to murder?
  5. "The Yellow Thread" by DJ Tyrer
    Holmes and Watson confront a man determined to spread madness.
  6. "The Man in Sherlock’s Castle" by Audrey Parente
    William Gillette portrayed the inscrutable detective on stage, and created a castle worthy of the Baskervilles.

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    Strange Adventures ahead

    Posted by Ray Odiorne on Aug 16th 2018

    A very uneven collection. Some (A Pardonable offense, A Study in Evil) are good. The others are a mixture: an article about Gillette Castle, an out-right pulp story (The Yellow Thread), a failed movie script that misses Holmes, and an oddity that seems to be totally confused (The Long September Night.)