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Zorro anthology in the works

Zorro anthology in the works

Posted by Audrey Parente on Jan 2nd 2020

I've been aching to tell you, but I had to wait until all the "t"s were crossed and the "I"s dotted.

There's going to be a new authorized ZORRO anthology coming from BOLD VENTURE PRESS to add to our six volume reprints, original novel by Peter David and Tales of Zorro's Old California. Release is planned for May 1st, 2019. A collection of brand new stories by contemporary authors.

Here's the lineup in alphabetical order:

  • Diana Barkley
  • Linda Binder
  • Bret Bouriseau
  • Eugene Craig
  • Scott Cranford
  • John L. French
  • Susan Kite
  • Joe Lovece
  • Richard Lupoff
  • William Patrick Maynard
  • Daryl McCullough
  • William Patrick Murray
  • Pamela Elbert Poland
  • M. K. Ross
  • and Francisco Silva.

The artist line up is coming next ...