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Benedict and Brazos, belated 50th anniversary * 1971-2021 *

Benedict and Brazos, belated 50th anniversary * 1971-2021 *

Posted by Rich Harvey on Jan 29th 2022

Wow! Five decades went by so fast!

Benedict and Brazos first appeared in 1971. Roughly one year ago, Bold Venture Press released our first paperback edition.

The Australian-born series (from Cleveland Publishing Party Ltd.) followed the exploits of two brawling Civil War veterans. Putting aside their differences, they strike out to recover a stolen fortune. The search also entails their hunt for the outlaw who attacked them at the Battle of Pea Ridge.

The path to Benedict and Brazos began three years ago. I emailed Piccadilly Publications and inquired about the Larry Kent detective series. "Don't you guys release paperback editions?" Mike Stotter's reply was, "No. Do you want to do them?" I suspect this may have been the easiest deal struck in licensing history.

While publishing the Larry Kent series, I decided to pursue a western. Licensing issues made Bannerman the Enforcer unavailable, so Stotter suggested Benedict and Brazos. The unlikely duo became a personal favorite, so we issued the first installment Aces Wild in January 2021.

My conviction is most everyone who reads Benedict and Brazos will love them. Judging from reader response, I was correct in that belief, and we're eager to begin "season two."

So, Let's give a tip of the Stetson to Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges of Piccadilly Publishing. Thanks, Pilgrims!

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