Awesome Tales #2

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

Fall 2015
World War II, hardboiled cops, and a band of amateur ghost-hunters! It's all here in Awesome Tales #2!
Awesome Tales returns with a new spine-tingler by R. Allen Leider -- "Der Feurher Mabuse," documents a heretofore unchronicled exploit of Dr. Mabuse, the legendary super-criminal from novels and silent films! As World War II rages onward, the Nazi hierarchy begins questioning Hitler's judgment. Is the mind of Dr. Mabuse pulling the nefarious strings?
Also in this issue: "The Last Redhead" (by John L. French) uses her luscious body as bait and payment for a hitman; In "Cruelty" by C.J. Henderson, a supernatural detective searches a museum for artifacts attracting and ancient evil; KT Pinto's "Something Fishy This Way Comes" features a hokey "ghost tour" turned deadly when real ghosts decide to add some authenticity to the proceedings!
New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.