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Well-Meaning Killer, The (eBook)

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Miranda Phillips Walker
ePub / Mobi Kindle
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A Megan McKenna mystery

(Available in print edition)

The Killer:

With victims wrapped like garbage and thrown down well shafts, he’s labeled: The Wishing Well Killer. A Quasimodo type, plagued by a voice in his head.

The Heroine:

Tenacious and eager to prove herself, her last case having left her scarred and vulnerable, Megan McKenna’s in a race against time before the killer strikes again. Assisting her is a FBI profiler and former lover, alongside a veteran detective. The trio tracks a madman only to learn he is someone from Megan’s past, someone all too willing to place her in mortal danger.

The Scam:

As McKenna and law enforcement throw out a net to catch the maniac, an insidious under-the-table scam in the Maryland State foster care system, is uncovered—a link between her case, unscrupulous lawyers, and the killer. Fast and furious the case spins out of control.

Megan and her dog Max can't predict the killer's next move — and readers won't guess what happens from one unpredictable page to the next.

Miranda Phillips Walker introduces her gusty FBI agent, Megan McKenna, in this engaging and gripping thriller.