August 1, 2023


We prefer fiction featuring your own characters. We consider fiction starring established characters in the public domain. We cannot use fiction featuring licensed characters — such as Conan, The Shadow, etc. — unless a previous arrangement exists with the respective copyright holders. As payment, authors receive two copies of the issue featuring their story.

Pulp Adventures

Pulp Adventures is a quarterly romp across the landscape of pulp fiction and its many genres. We consider any genre submitted to us. Stories written in the spirit of the original pulp magazines really capture our attention, but the pulps themselves were a forward-thinking medium. “Pulp” is difficult to define.

  1. Submit the story. Refer to our format guidelines.
  2. Stories should average 1,000 - 6,000 words.
  3. The current schedule of Pulp Adventures is quarterly—Serialized fiction won’t work unless each chapter is a self-contained story. Subplots weave through Richard Lupoff’s “Splash Shanahan” adventure stories, for example, but each chapter is a complete adventure.
Novels, Short Story Collections, and Anthologies
  1. Please query first. There is no required word length.
  2. If you are proposing an anthology of your own stories, tell us if they have appeared elsewhere, story titles, and provide a quick summation of the plot. Think in terms of a TV Guide description, especially as your descriptions may later be incorporated into publicity materials.
  3. If you are an author or editor assembling an anthology of different authors, please indicate that all authors have given their permission to include their stories.
Continuing Series

Describe the basic premise, provide a 100-250 word description of the first issue’s plot, and a brief description of future developments. A series can have continuing plot threads, rewarding loyal readers/customers, but each installment should be welcoming for new readers.

  1. Please submit stories as Microsoft Word Documents. Save submissions as doc files. Example (story.doc or story.rtf).
  2. Settings – Normal – Font New Times Roman – size 12. Single space everything.
  3. To indicate a break in the story, skip a line. Center 3 plus signs on the next line. (+++) Skip a line…and continue with story.
  4. Rather than tabbing in your story, set the paragraph “First Line” to .025”.
  5. We consider new stories and reprints. Any pulp genre will do, but we don’t publish X-rated material.
  6. Write a 250-word author bio to accompany your story, and a 100-word synopsis of the plot. These paragraphs may be incorporated into future promotion and publicity.

At present, our publications feature color covers, but most interiors are black and white.

We commission illustrations for stories scheduled to appear in Pulp Adventures. We may suggest a scene to be illustrated or, in some cases, the artist we choose reads the story and suggests scenes to illustrate.

Never send original art. Send digital copies only. Scans should be clean and sharp. Be sure that each email submission has your name, address, and phone number clearly written somewhere in it.

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