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Bold Venture unleashes The Destroyer


Remo Williams back in action in 2024

Remo Williams and Chiun, Master of Sinanju, slated for new anthology
Remo Williams will return to active duty in 2024 — Bold Venture Press is preparing a licensed anthology based on The Destroyer, the best-selling paperback adventure series created by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir.

"The Destroyer is America's number one action series," says publisher Rich Harvey. "Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir basically threw everything into the hopper. Our heroes fought crooked politicians, vampires, communist spies, robots, and more. Nothing was off-limits in this imaginative series."

In the debut novel, Newark cop Remo Williams is framed and sentenced to die in a malfunctioning electric chair. He awakens as the unwitting (and unwilling) enforcer for a shadow government agency, whose mission is to "uphold the Constitution by circumventing it." He becomes the reluctant pupil of Chiun, a wizened old Korean who happens to be the deadliest assassin on Earth — the reigning Master of Sinanju, the sun-source of all Eastern fighting techniques.

The Destroyer mixed urban crime with science fiction, and political satire —including thinly-disguised depictions of the current President (from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush). The series became the subject of a Marvel Comics adaptation, a motion picture starring Fred Ward, and a television pilot starring Roddy McDowell.

Over the course of 155 novels, Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir's output has been supplemented by ghost authors such as Will Murray, James Mullaney, Molly Cochran, Ric Meyers, RJ Carter, Donna Courtois, Robert Randisi, and several others.

The new anthology is slated for release in late Summer 2024.

Longtime publisher of novels and short fiction, Bold Venture reprints classic pulp fiction — such as the licensed reprints of Johnston McCulley's Zorro — and exciting new works in the spirit of pulp fiction.

Keep checking to learn more about the forthcoming project. Learn more about The Destroyer series at the official homepage at

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