Awesome Tales #5

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

Spring 2017

Space helmets on for the science fiction issue!

"Tom Corbett and the Mutant Masters" by R. Allen Leider — An untold tale of mystery and mayhem — Tom Corbett and his companions investigate kidnappings on Mars. The mystery leads to a mad genius and genetic experiments, and the intrigue that occurs when big business and science collide head-on!

"Red Sands" by DJ Tyrer — a space crew's disappearance leads to startling discoveries.

"Casablanca Blues" by KT Pinto — An adventure in a universe of warriors and uncertain exploration.

"The Finishers" by Audrey Parente — A perfect society was the goal, but it proves slightly imperfect with a tyrannical health care system!

Cover and illustrations by Ed Coutts.