Awesome Tales #4

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

Fall 2016
The Manchurian Menace is on the prowl again!
1942 — the Japanese occupation of China. The Devil Doctor and his equally sinister daughter race OSS, MI-6, Gestapo and Kempeitai agents to find a missing Chinese scientist. His discovery, the secret to the Atomic Bomb, is the prize!

Also in this issue: A stranded conquistador and his crew faces certain death at the hands of Mayan cultists; The Pink Reaper hunts a serial killer; Detective Raphael Jones investigates the case of “The Golden Curl” when a mysterious child searches for his lost parents.

More original thrills and adventure, written especially for this issue!
New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.