Awesome Tales #3

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7" x 10" softcover
R. Allen Leider

Winter 2016
Fantomas! His name sends icy shivers down the stalwart spines of French authorities. Fantomas! He deals in death and mayhem for high stakes profit! No stakes are higher than world freedom, so the shadowy criminal offers to combat the German war machine. When Fantomas makes an offer, the contract is signed in blood!


  • "Taxi to Hell" by Lee Richards — Step on it! How often do cab drivers hear that snarled command? This cabbie steps on it, alright — steps on love and hate, stomps on heart and lungs, and grinds out the last spark of life!
  • "The Emerald Eye" by KT Pinto, you'll meet Raphael Jones, a new hardboiled P.I.! He rolls his eyes over a new client and heeds her bidding, for three times his normal rate — until he’s dealing with forces beyond mortal comprehension!

New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.