The Kolchak Papers

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Jeff Rice
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
6" x 9"

Two novels by Jeff Rice — The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler, the stories that launched the adventures of Carl Kolchak, Independent New Service reporter with a knack for uncovering monsters, villains, and supernatural creatures. The basis for the cult television series starring Darren McGavin.

The Night Stalker — The first entry in the Night Stalker series. Investigating a series of Las Vegas murders, Carl Kolchak discovers each victim has been bitten and drained of blood. Though Kolchak's outlandish theory about the murders gets him nowhere with the police, his initiative to apprehend the killer himself gets him into hot water — with a modern-day vampire!

The Night Strangler — Jobless and evicted from Las Vegas, Carl Kolchak lands in Seattle in time to uncover another maddening mystery. Every 21 years—for the past century—a serial killer commits a series of murders, and then quietly disappears. Kolchak is onto this monster's trail, and he's about to discover a shocking underground lair ... an army of rotting corpses ... and the ageless madman behind it all.

Cover artwork by Douglas Klauba

Published by Moonstone Books