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The Buddah's Elephant

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Brought to you by Pulpdom Online, published by Camille ("Caz") Cazedessus, a great "lost race" story set in western China written by H. Bedford-Jones, "The King of the Pulps," as his contemporaries called him.

Four men search for a mythical “Walled Town Mountain”, inhabited by Greeks from Alexander‘s army, and for the missing expedition preceding them. They contend with political intrigue between the Greeks and the Chinese, and different groups vying for power. A beautiful princess in the mix sets many hearts aflutter.

"What sets this one apart from the usual lost race story is it’s more realistic. There is no super-science involved, the politics are played seriously, as are ties to the modern world." — Michael Brown, ThePulp.Net

Printed in the traditional fanzine format, 5.5" x 8.5" with staples. 72 pages color cover. Facsimile from The All Around Magazine, August 1916.