Railroad Stories, October 1936

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RRS 016
Volume / Number:
20 / 5
The Frank A. Munsey Company
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Good — Nice bright cover colors. Were it not for the large gouge, this one would be graded very good. The artwork below the logo is unmarred. Lucky Strikes again on the back cover with a .25" tear. The cover image shows a slight halo around the conductor's cap, which is the result of scanner light on the plastic bag protecting the magazine.


4 · Mountain Job · Ed Samples · ss
50 · Chicaloon Chicanery · Engine Picture Kid · ss
58 · Slippery Buck’s Alibi [Boomer Jones] · James W. Earp · ss
98 · The Hobo’s Secret [“Kiamichi Bill” Burns] · E. S. Dellinger · ss