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Bloodscreams (9-Book set) by Robert W. Walker

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by Robert W. Walker

9-book series

Abraham Stroud — CEO, scientist, archaeologist, and vampire-hunter — a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, Lord of the Vampire Slayers, carries on the family tradition in the chilling horror-adventure series. A cross between Elon Musk and T. E. Lawrence, Stroud engages bizarre monsters with high-tech weaponry and far-flung science. Only he stands between and an ungrateful humanity an ancient orders of evil. For fans of horror, action, and science-fiction, this series combines all three elements with a vengeance!

  1. Vampire Dreams
  2. Werewolf’s Grief
  3. Zombie Eyes
  4. Bayou Wolf
  5. SubterraneanS
  6. Random Violence
  7. Skitters
  8. Satanipedes
  9. Vampire Babies