Alfred Hitchcock's A Choice of Evils

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Alfred Hitchcock's A Choice of Evils
published in October 1983 in the USA by Davis Publications
subtitle: Anthology #16
edited by Cathleen Jordan
348 pages

34 Stories of Mystery and Suspense


  • The Battered Mailbox by Stanley Cohen
  • Center of Attention by Dan J. Marlowe
  • Lesson for a Pro by Stephen Wasylyk
  • Aftermath of Death by Talmage Powell — AHMM 8(7)
  • Enough Rope for Two by Clark Howard
  • A Change for the Better by Arthur Porges
  • A Killing in the Market by Robert Bloch
  • Do It Yourself by Charles Mergendahl
  • Lost and Found by James Michael Ullman — AHMM 18(8)
  • Passport in Order by Lawrence Block
  • Moonlight Gardener by Robert L. Fish
  • Courtesy Call by Sonora Morrow
  • Restored Evidence by Patrick O'Keeffe
  • The Standoff by Frank Sisk
  • A Fine and Private Place by Virginia Long
  • Dead, You Know by John Lutz — AHMM 13(1)
  • A Certain Power by Edward D. Hoch
  • Hunters by Borden Deal
  • The Driver by William Brittain
  • Class Reunion by Charles Boeckman
  • Mean Cop by W. Sherwood Hartman — AHMM 13(11)
  • Kill, If You Want Me! by Richard Deming
  • Welcome to My Prison by Jack Ritchie
  • Come into My Parlor by Gloria Amoury
  • Lend Me Your Ears by Edward Wellen
  • Killer Scent by Joe E. Hensley
  • Dear Corpus Delicti by William Link and Richard Levinson
  • Knight of the Road by Thomasina Weber — AHMM 8(9)
  • The Truth that Kills by Donald Olson — AHMM 17(12)
  • Where is Thy Sting? by John F. Suter
  • Anatomy of an Anatomy by Donald E. Westlake
  • Murder Me Twice by Lawrence Treat
  • Not a Laughing Matter by Evan Hunter
  • The Graft is Green by Harold Q. Masur