ZORRO: The Complete Pulp Adventures

by Johnston McCulley

This bold renegade carves a "Z" with his blade — and that symbol brings hope to the oppressed! Bold Venture proudly presents the original swashbuckling hero, Zorro, defender of the down-trodden and arch-enemy of tyrants! For nearly a century, the legend and lore of Zorro has entertained young and old in comic books, movies and television programs. Now the novels and short stories of the original pulp superhero are collected for the first time!

Volume 1
The Mark of Zorro (the original Zorro novel)
Zorro Saves a Friend (from Argosy Nov 12, 1932)
Zorro Hunts a Jackal (from Argosy Apr 22, 1933)
Illustrated by Ed Coutts
"Zorro's California": Preface by Sandra Curtis
"Pulp Page to Silver Screen": Afterword by Ed Hulse

346 pages, $19.95 USA
6"x9" trade paperback
ISBN 978-1530392445

Volume 2:

Zorro protects old California in a trio of thrill-packed adventures!

  • The Further Adventures of Zorro (illustrated by Ed Coutts)
  • Zorro Deals With Treason
  • The Mysterious Don Miguel
  • "Alias, Johnston McCulley" a rare interview with Zorro's creator

The Further Adventures of Zorro takes the masked hidalgo to the high seas when pirates arrive on the shores of old California, and decide to claim the pueblo as their spoils!

Then, "Zorro Deals With Treason" in the form of a Zorro imposter! The Mysterious Don Miguel creates much confusion in Reina de Los Angeles. Is he Zorro’s enemy — or Don Diego Vega’s friend?

Ride with Zorro as he defends the downtrodden citizens from the oppressive government, land and sea pirates, and crafty anarchists.

There’s never been a hero like Zorro for romance and high adventure!

302 pages, $19.95 USA
6"x9" trade paperback
ISBN 978-1530392445

Volume 3

Bold Venture Press presents the complete original pulp adventures of Zorro! Volume three presents Zorro Rides Again, a full-length adventure never reprinted since its original 1931 publication.

With a shock of disbelief, the old Spanish California village heard that its friend Zorro was now attacking the weak and helpless! Hated by those who once worshiped him, hounded by the soldiery, the proud Zorro again becomes an outlaw to regain his stolen honor.

In addition to Zorro Rides Again, this edition includes eleven thrill-packed short stories, published as a continuing series in West, the legendary pulp fiction magazine. There’s action aplenty in “Zorro Draws His Blade” when the masked swordsman first duels with Sergeant Manuel Garcia.

Also: John E. Petty, film lecturer and pop culture author, examines Zorro’s exploits in Saturday matinee serials.

Novel: Zorro Rides Again
Short Stories: "Zorro Draws His Blade," "Zorro Upsets a Plot," "Zorro Strikes Again," "Zorro Saves a Herd," "Zorro Runs the Gauntlet," "Zorro Fights a Duel," "Zorro Opens a Cage," "Zorro Prevents a War," "Zorro Fights a Friend," "Zorro’s Hour of Peril,' "Zorro Slays a Ghost"

322 pages, $19.95 USA
6"x9" trade paperback
ISBN 978-1537128962

Volume 4 — On sale December 2016

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on Zorro Volume 4

$19.95 USA
6"x9" trade paperback


Volume 5 — On sale February 2017

Volume 6 — On sale April 2017





Zorro's Bold Venture!

Zorro rides again in new editions from Bold Venture Press

In cooperation with Zorro Productions, Bold Venture Press will release the complete adventures of Zorro, the iconic hero created by Johnston McCulley.  Some of these stories have remained out of print since their initial appearance.

The masked swordsman debuted in The Curse of Capistrano, a five-part novel published in All-Story Weekly. From 1919 until 1959, McCulley's sixty Zorro short stories and novels were featured prominently in pulp magazines of the day.

Bold Venture will publish the complete Zorro series in six volumes beginning in 2016.

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