The Twilight Patrol #1

Drones of the Ravaging Wind

Stuart Hopen, Author/illustrator

Dark Fantasy / Adventure
130 pages, 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-1542675857
Paperback: $14.95 | eBook: $3.99

"Readers nostalgic for the flash and dazzle of pulp derring-do will find this adventure tale a fitting homage."Publishers Weekly review

To the world at large, The Twilight Patrol is a high-flying band of scrappy patriots, ever alert for trouble and always willing to lend a hand. To the sinister foes lurking behind the horizon of the Central Powers, they are a force to be reckoned with in the onslaught against freedom. To their fans, The Twilight Patrol is the bravest assortment of adventurers ever brought together to confront the dark forces threatening our mortal realm! (Go to The Twilight Patrol home page here.)

In the hellish days of World War I, after President Woodrow Wilson is slain, a strange assortment of adventurers band together to fight the dreaded Mysteriarchs of the Abyss -- an ancient and vilified order of wizards, or demigods, or fallen angels. With their insatiable appetite for destruction, the Mysteriarchs would sow the seeds of nothingness and reap a harvest of eternal horror -- transforming the War to End All Wars into the War to End All But War!

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