Stagecoach to Hell
Charles Boeckman
Western anthology

Stagecoach to Hell features Charles Boeckman, author of Strictly Poison and Other Stories, writing in his element—the authentic old west. He knows the history, the people, and he knows their stubborn Texas pride—resulting in trouble or triumph. Sometimes both.…

Climb aboard, and encounter an assortment of colorful characters: a bride who refuses to trade one form of slavery for another; a barber with a secret past; a dime novel fan forced to confront real danger; two riverboat captains determined to win a race at all costs; and many others.There's even an appearamce by Bat Masterson, and a tale to remember the Alamo! Grab a canteen and prepare for a bumpy ride across the burning sands of pulp fiction!

This anthology features ten stories culled from classic western pulp magazines, selected by the author. "Brazos Woman," "Bad Man from Boston," "Rusty Guns," "The Kid Comes Back," "The Last Bullet," "Stage Coach to Hell," "Home Is the Killer," "Bitter Reunion at Rimrock," "The Devil’s Deadline," and "Hell’s Cargo."

$16.95, 198 pages,
6" x 9" paperback
ISBN 978-1515378952

Kindle eBook: $3.99

“Get down off the horse, Jimmy.”
Jimmy slipped to the ground. He heard the restless stirring of hoofs in the dry grass, the creak of saddle leather. One of the horses snorted and stomped.
“Now,” the man said, “walk away from your horse. Out here, toward me.” The man had a rifle in the crook of his arm and there was a shadow of a cold smile on his lips.
Jimmy shuffled a few steps toward him and then the rifle in the man’s arm cracked like a dry stick being snapped. The bullet shattered a bone in Jimmy Laredo’s left leg and he fell down to his knees.
“Get up, Jimmy,” the man with the rifle said with his soft voice. “This ain’t no time to be prayin’.”
The other men laughed at that.
— Scene from “The Last Bullet”

CHARLES BOECKMAN drew upon his jazz background to create cutting-edge fiction for detective-themed pulps and digest magazines. But he could trade his fedora for a Stetson and hammer out western yarns, often for the same publishers. A Texas native, Boeckman’s fiction doesn’t just ring with western authenticity—it’s branded 100% USDA Pulp!

Charles Boeckman's biography often reads like the stuff of pulp fiction. He left home in the early 1940s and became a jazz musician, traveling the country, kicking around from New York City to New Orleans. In between gigs, he purchased a used typewriter and pounded out hardboiled stories. Eventually, the legendary Popular Publications editor Mike Tilden purchased one of his stories for Detective Tales. After that accomplishment, Boeckman's stories appeared in Dime DetectiveAlfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Manhunt, Star Western, and many others. Recently, he developed the Johnny Nickle jazz-detective series.

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