Theodore Roscoe

Theodore Roscoe (1906-1992) wrote for pulp fiction magazines such as Argosy, Wings, Flying Stories, Far East Adventure Stories, Fight Stories, Action Stories and Adventure, while travelling the world. Following World War II he was commissioned by the United States Naval Institute to write detailed histories about the United States Submarine Operations in World War II (1949), and United States Destroyer Operations in World War II (1953). The submarine and destroyer works were rewritten for public consumption entitled Pig Boats and Tin Cans. Other books on the history of the US Navy include This Is Your Navy, 1950, and The Trent Affair, November, 1861.

Roscoe became a Scribner’s author under Burroughs Mitchell with novels To Live and Die in Dixie! and Only in New England. The prolific writer was among the first to see declassified documents connected to the Lincoln assassination, resulting in his work The Web of Conspiracy, which became the basis for a television docudrama.

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