All aboard for romance, danger, and plain old American hard work! Bold Venture Press is proud to present RAILROAD STORIES -- classic pulp fiction tales of the American railways! For decades, readers were entertained each month with Railroad Stories Magazine and it's blend of factual articles and fiction yarns. This is wholesome he-man fiction for railroad fans, written by authors who knew trains first-hand!

Railroad Stories #5
Steam and Steel and Derails

E.S. Dellinger

250 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1977545633
Paperback: $16.95

Two Railroad Stories in one volume

Steam & Steel
Friend against Foe and Rail against Rail! A personal squabble that mushroomed into a vengeance game, from the shell-torn tracks of France to the smooth main line of the S.F. & E., back in the U.S.A.

Haunted by the shadow of murder and pursuit, Dave Meade could not forget the roar of the rails. Then, from out of the night and the driving storm on the main line in the Ozarks, came a girl and fate.

Steam and Steel and Derails were published in 1932 and 1930, when serialized fiction was more common in Railroad Stories. With the longer word length, E.S. Dellinger demonstrates his command of character, setting, and dialogue.

Railroad Stories #4
Civil War & Tales of Jaggers Dunn
by A. Leslie Scott

Two Railroad Stories features in one book!

Civil War, from the December 1933 issue: Engineer Boone Hatfield rises through Confederate ranks, transporting troops and artillery via the South Carolina Railroad. Soon, he’s tasked with keeping General Sherman and his marauding Union army at bay in a running battle stretching to Richmond, Virginia.

Jaggers Dunn and Tales of the C. & P : General Manager John G. Dunn and his scrappy pals confront problems on the C. & P. rail line with a smile. Flood, fire, thieves, and racial tension — when “Jaggers” Dunn is on the job, nothing will prevent the C. & P. from maintaining a schedule in these ten bonus stories.

Illustrated by Emmett Watson, Mayo Bunker, Charles Durant, D.H. Hilliker, and
J. Campbell Farren

Railroad Stories #4
ISBN: 978-1544277523
254 pages, $16.95 | eBook $3.99

Smashwords eBook

Railroad Stories #3
Gangsters of the Rails
by E.S. Dellinger

Gangsters of the Rails was serialized in six issues of Railroad Stories Magazine, beginning with the November 1931 issue. "Gangsters" represents E.S. Dellinger writing with all the skill he commanded in railroad fiction—atmosphere, colorful characters, action, romance, and a lengthier word count, allowing him to fully develop the relationships and conflict surrounding the badland known as "Cootie's Bluff."

Connie Turner, son of the murdered boss of Cootie’s Bluff, walked into plenty of trouble after taking a job on the K., G. & O. Plunder and mystery surrounds the railyards in this nail-biting yarn by E.S. Dellinger, America’s premier railroad fiction author.

With an action-packed painting by Emmett Watson and atmospheric illustrations by Joe Easley, Gangsters of the Rails is action-packed pulp fiction!

Railroad Stories #3
ISBN: 978-1530130856
190 pages, $16.95 | eBook $3.99

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Railroad Stories #2
The Legend of King Lawson
by E.S. Dellinger

Bold Venture presents Railroad Stories #2: The Legend of King Lawson by E.S. Dellinger! Five tales from Railroad Stories Magazine starring King Lawson! Written by an author who knew his trains first-hand!

"Washout!" ... "Mixed Orders" ... "Boomer Trails" ... "Landslide!" and "Snowed In" -- five hair-raising, heart-tugging stories following William "Kingsley" Lawson from gandy dancer to trainmaster, and then from riches to rags! Lawson turns his back on a harrowing accident, an unfaithful wife, a duplicitious friend, and follows the lonely Boomer Trail from town to town to train yard.

Can King return to the top of the railroad heap? Was he repsonsible for the tragic accident that cost hundreds their lives? Did his wife and former friend have relations behind his unsuspecting back? Or was it all a tragic misjudgment? How will they ever reconcile when floods, fires, snow drifts and shady con-men come between them?

Railroad Stories #2
ISBN: 978-1517558444
268 pages, $16.95 | eBook $3.99

Smashwords eBook

Railroad Stories #1
by E.S. Dellinger

Bold Venture Press is proud to present Railroad Stories #1: Avalanche by E.S. Dellinger! Three yarns from Railroad Stories Magazine (1934 and 1935) featuring the adventures of Rud Randall, engineer, and superintendent King Lawson! This is wholesome he-man fiction for railroad fans, written by an author who knew his trains first-hand!

E. S. Dellinger, premiere author of railroad fiction, delivers three exciting tales of rugged workers and the challenges they face moving across the country and back.

This volume features three stories — Avalanche! deals with a railroad worker coming to terms with his father's death; Rud Randall must out-distance an approaching Tornado and rescue his passengers — or risk their lives to prevent his son's suicide! Then the railroad crew calls upon the The Lion Tamer to round-up escaped circus animals!

So, hop a freight and ride the rails toward thrills and romance!

Railroad Stories #1
ISBN: 9781511723923
174 pages, $14.95 | ebook $2.99


About the authors:

E.S. Dellinger

America's foremost railroad fiction writer was born at Norwood, Mo., on June 1, 1886. At age of 4 he took his first train ride to attend the wedding of his future mother-in-law. After working as a gandy dancer on the "katy," and teaching school, he got a job braking freight on the Mo.P. through the efforts of his brother, conductor Bill Dellinger. Later he and Bill went into Frisco train service. E.S. Dellinger quit the railroad, graduated from New Mexico Normal University in 1923, and served as superintendent of public schools at Spring, N.M. (1923-33), meanwhile writing for various magazines. Most of his stories are novelettes. Several of them appeared in Railroad Man's Stories and Railroad Stories, beginning with "Redemption For Slim" (Dec. 1929). His best-known recurring characters were Brick Donley, King Lawson, Redhot Frost and Rud Randall.

A. Leslie Scott

A. Leslie Scott (1893-1974) first appeared in Railroad Stories magazine beginning in 1930, and became a a frequent contributor. He was an ex-fireman and railroad brakeman, working on the iron pike across the midwest. “I fired on the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Norfolk & Western and the Baltimore & Ohio. Worked in various departments on the Illinois Central and the Great Western. Also ran a crew and twirled a brake club on the Pennsy, covering quite a bit of territory in the interim.” Scott was a prolific author of westerns, but also contributed mystery and adventure stories to various magazines. He created the character Jim Hatfield for Western Rangers magazine, under the “housename” Jackson Cole. Later he created the “Walt Slade” series writing under the house-name of Bradford Scott. “The railroad characters in my stories are taken from life,” Scott wrote in a Railroad Stories column. “Of course, names, etc., are changed, but I imagine railroad men on certain roads will not have much trouble seeing attributes of the originals in my fiction characters."

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