Inspector Luke Bradley

by Hugh Pentecost (Judson P. Philips)

Cancelled in Red

The 24th Horse

I'll Sing at Your Funeral

The Brass Chills

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Inspector Luke Bradley originally appeared in Argosy magazine in the six-part novel Cancelled in Red by Hugh Pentecost. The novel follows stamp-broker turned amateur detective Larry Storm, who investigates the death of an Max Adrian, an unscrupulous rare stamp dealer. Storm tries to protect a drunkard friend and a dishy dame, both of whom harbored grudges against Adrian. Inspector Bradley and his right hand, Sergeant Rube Snyder, take charge of the investigation, and the tension reaches a boiling point. Is Storm covering their tracks — or his own?

Cancelled in Red was the $1,000 Red Badge Prize Mystery winner. It walked away with the $10,000 prize for the 1939 Dodd Mead Mystery Contest. Dodd, Mead & Company issued the story in paperback and hardcover that same year.

Hugh Pentecost was the pen name of Judson P. Philips, a prolific author who created hundreds of pulp magazine stories and serials. Under the Pentecost pen name, he simultaneously sold to slick-paper magazines and the burgeoning paperback market. (More about that in Audrey Parente's book Once a Pulp Man, the Secret Life of Judson Philips as Hugh Pentecost).

Inspector Bradley appeared in four original novels, the last of which (The Brass Chills) finds him working undercover for the war effort. Bold Venture Press is proud to reissue these mystery classics for a new generation of readers.

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