• MALA MASTROBERTE -- MALALAND -- The new Princess of Pulp Pin-Ups! She recreates vintage pulp covers with her beautiful likeness, creating costuming and special effects herself. More than a model, not just an actress -- she's Mala!
  • GRYPHON BOOKS -- Deadly Dames editor Gary Lovisi has his own publishing imprint, where he has presided over modern and classic hardboiled fiction for over twenty years. He's also the grandmaster of the New York Pulp and Paperback Show.
  • MAX ALLAN COLLINS, author of Road to Perdition and co-creator of Ms. Tree, the hardboiled private eye star of comics and novels, who appears in Deadly Dames.
  • C.J. HENDERSON -- The website of a master author, the irrefutable C.J. Henderson. (We've tried to refute him, but he puts up one helluva fight -- believe it.) Author of the acclaimed Teddy London series, the hardboiled Jack Hagee, and author of Bet Your Own Man, coming soon from Bold Venture.
  • MOONSTONE BOOKS publishes a variety of comic books and prose books of interest to hardboiled and pulp fans. Anthologies and "wide-vision" novels featuring new adventures of The Spider, the Domino Lady, Zorro, and more.
  • INTERNATIONAL COSTUMERS GUILD, INC -- The International Costumers' Guild, Inc., is an affiliation of amateur, hobbyist, and professional costumers dedicated to the promotion and education of costuming as an art form in all its aspects.
  • New Jersey/New York Costumers' Guild (aka The Sick Pups) -- A Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild.


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