The Kansas Kid Rides Again

John R. Rose

252 pages, $14.95
5.5 x 8.5 paperback

Smashwords eBook $3.99

The sequel to Alias, The Kansas Kid ... The Kansas Kid is back in the saddle, hunting for a new “Kansas Kid” — The Oklahoma Kid — some tin-horn trading off his notorious reputation. Everybody’s gotta grow up some time, and when The Kid meets up with his would-be successor, the knock-off is going to grow up quick. They say let sleeping dogs lie ... and leave the Kansas Kid to enjoy his retirement ...

This new western page-turner sports a beautiful cover by the great Norman Saunders.

JOHN R. ROSE, author of Alias, the Kansas Kid, was born in the latter days of the dust bowl era in south central Kansas. His birthplace was probably thirty to fifty miles from the fictional character Dan Robbins’ birthplace. Otherwise, there is no connection between the author and the Kansas Kid. He spent 37 years teaching and coaching in the Kansas public school systems. The author is married and lives in Kansas.

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