Ice Flow
by William P. Lazarus

Revere River seemed like a good idea. After that, everything went downhill—the population, which grew weary of the unrelenting snow; the avalanche that killed another chunk of the population; the economy, which relied on outlaws seeking solitude, and the annual gathering of bounty hunters to clear them out.

Now a slick shyster keeps the town in his hip pocket—but when lust overpowers greed, the town’s delicate existance will crack like ice.

214 pages, $16.95
5.5" x 8.5" paperback
ISBN: 978-1517371739

Scene from "Ice Flow" ...

“Why don’t you come over here,” the sheriff suggested, glancing across at her.

“I’m fine here,” Molly replied, shivering despite the new heat. The room warmed quickly, but the chill remained.

“It wasn’t a question,” the sheriff said. He gestured at a spot just a foot away from him. Molly hesitated. He pointed the gun at her, almost absent-mindedly as if unaware of its ominous nature. “Over here,” he said. “I want to see you better. You wanted to watch me. Now I want to watch you.”

“There’s not much to see,” Molly tried. He shook his head and curled his finger toward her. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to. Resigned, she slowly inched across the open wooden floor toward the sheriff. Her boots seemed to adhere to the wooden floor.

“You know,” Tuthill said hoarsely, “it can be lonely out here. Just me, the deputy and a few whores. A man like me longs for something, someone, a bit more substantial.” He looked at her, searching her face longingly. Abruptly, he put an arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.

About the author, William P. Lazarus

Around the age of seven, Bill Lazarus decided to become a writer. He has never deviated from that career choice. He worked on junior high and high school newspapers before majoring in journalism at Kent State (OH) University. As an undergraduate, Bill served as editor of his college newspaper as well as college correspondent for the New York Times. After obtaining his Master’s Degree in journalism from Kent State, he began a career that included writing for daily Connecticut and Florida newspapers.
He branched out to other media, writing race programs for NASCAR, producing radio scripts and serving as editor of a regional magazine. Along the way, he won numerous writing awards, including two international prizes for programs and was named Florida Feature Writer of the Year. In addition, Bill is a religious historian. He has spoken on the topic before numerous civic groups and religious organizations, and appeared on radio and television. He has written 14 books on religious history, including Comparative Religion for Dummies and published multiple novels and nonfiction books. A native of Portland, ME, Bill now teaches writing at Daytona State (FL) College and lives in Daytona Beach with his wife, Kathleen.

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