Harvest of Homicide

Gary Lovisi

Hardboiled Mystery
188 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1977709042
Paperback: $9.95 | eBook: $3.99

Smashwords ebook $3.99

It’s 1963 and tough-as-nails Bay City Homicide cops, Griff & Fats, find themselves mired in the most brutal cases of their careers. A brother cop has gone crazy off the rails; an out-of-town cop-killer is seeking revenge; they find themselves stalked by an unknown assailant in a mysterious black car; on top of all that a harvest of homicide is being reaped by a monster killing young women by the dozens. Griff & Fats find they have fallen neck-deep into a sewer of unremitting violence, murder … and far worse …

Gary Lovisi lives in Brooklyn, New York and is a Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award nominated author for his crime fiction, and a Western Writers of America Spur Award Winner as editor. He is the founder of Gryphon Books, editor of Paperback Parade magazine, and the author of over twenty-five books, which include More Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Ramble House); Murder of A Bookman (Wildside Press); and his collection of 23 hard crime stories, Ultra-Boiled (Ramble House). His dark science fiction novel Mars Needs Books! (Wildside Press) and Sherlock Holmes: The Baron’s Revenge (Airship27 Productions) have garnered praise, while his Jon Kirk of Ares Trilogy: #1, The Winged Men, #2 The Invisible Men, and #3 The Space Men is heroic pulp SF series in the tradition of John Carter of Mars. Harvest of Homicide continues Lovisi’s chronicles of Griff & Fats, the hard-boiled detectives weeding out crime and corruption in Bay City.

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