by Karl Detzer

“Friends of mine have told me that there is little of adventure left in the great cities. Which proves that they never rode the fire department. I have.” — Karl Detzer

Karl Detzer blows the lid off pulp fiction in a thrill-packed collection of firefighter stories! These fearless adventurers plunge headlong into the fury of industrial accidents, tenement fires, and arson scams! When no one else can stand the heat, they’re on the way to serve and protect!

Thirteen thrill-packed stories, largely centered around the Chicago Fire Department, culled from the pages of Adventure, Complete Stories and Short Stories magazine — three of the top pulp magazines of all time!

ISBN: 978-1518616921
300 pages, $19.95

Kindle edition $3.99


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for more firefighting fiction!

In "A Pinch of Powder" by Karl Detzer, the heroic firefighters of Chicago risk eveything to save innocent lives -- but who is going to save them from the new firehouse cook? Bring a respirator and join in the fun!

There's more fun features such as "Roadshow" by Roger Torrey, "The Daughter of Huang Chow" by Fu Manchu creator Sax Rohmer, another Splash Shanahan adventure by Richard A. Lupoff! Learn more about Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, co-founder of DC Comics, and read his World War I thriller "Treason for Glory."

Pulp Adventures #19

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