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Pulp Adventures — a quarterly safari through the pulp fiction jungle!

PULP ADVENTURES — a rollercoaster blend of new and classic genre fiction -- mystery, science fiction, horror, romance, western, and more! Every issue is a voyage across the landscape of pulp fiction -- from lush jungles to sun-baked deserts, lawless wild west towns to utopian cities of the future! Don your pith helmets and fedoras and embark on great reading!

Pulp Adventures #28
Winter 2018

Audrey Parente, Editor

Featuring a never-before published cover by Norman Saunders, the King of the Pulp Artists!

Pulp Adventures pushes the envelope again with a mash-up of horror, western, mystery, and romance! From the classic pulp fiction side of the tracks:

Charles Boeckman, the jazz musician turned pulp author of Strictly Poison and Other Stories, delivers a tale of music and hatred with "Murder, Maestro, Please!" This story originally appeared in Famous Detective Stories magazine, just as the publication's style was changing with the times. The fiction was becoming increasingly hardboiled, but also dwelt on characters' psychological problems, rather than blood 'n thunder action. Boeckman's stories of sad losers attempting to elevate their lot in life was perfect for this transition -- in the 1950s, he was a frequent contributor to digest fiction magazines like Manhunt, Justice! and Homicide.

David Wright O'Brien penned many fantastic tales under his own name, but he also used pseudonyms like John York Cabot and Duncan Farnsworth (an homage to his uncle, Farnsworth Wright, editor of Weird Tales), sometimes in collaboration with other writers. Pulp Adventures presents a four-faceted look at David Wright O'Brien -- first a biographical piece by Audrey Parente, second a facetious essay by Wright himself from the March 1942 Amazing Stories, and two stories (written under his pseudonyms) from the same pulp magazine. "The Fantastic Twins" is a farce about an ad-copy writer given a special gift, while "Afraid to Live" takes a more serious tone with the reporter protagonist racing against time to save potential suicide victims. Additional pulp classics include "Killer Wanted — First Class" by Geoffrey North from Private Detective Stories, and "The Word Wranglers" by Stephen Payne from the March 1949 issue of West.

"Murder, Maestro, Please!" by Charles Boeckman; "My Stripper Past" by Michael Bracken; "Killer Wanted — First Class" by Geoffrey North; "The Doom That Came to Al Capone" by David Bernard; "Benny the Beezer" by John E. Petty; "Janeck’s Death" by Dan McCarthy; "Woolworth’s ... For All Your Defensive Needs" by C.J. Henderson; "The Word Wranglers" by Stephen Payne; "The Fantastic Twins" by John York Cabot (David Wright O’Brien); "Afraid to Live" by Duncan Farnsworth (David Wright O’Brien); "Monkey Men" by Johnny Strike 

Editorial by Audrey Parente; "The Absurd Tale of a Real Writer: David Wright O'Brien" by Audrey Parente; "Meet the Author" by David Wright O’Brien; "Anatomy of a Cover" by Rich Harvey

134 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1985343078
Paperback: $12.95 | eBook: $3.99

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Pulp Adventures #27
Fall 2017


  • "Angels and Animals" | Adam McFarlane
    Ship building in a bottle.
  • "Jack Grey, Second Mate" | William Hope Hodgson  7
    Jack Grey keeps adversaries at bay, and quells a mutiny.
  • "The Green Mask" | Dana Edward Johnson  26
    A masked crimefighter’s first case could be his toughest.
  • "Not What I Ordered" | Howard Hammerman  42
    Shrimp salad … red wine … revenge …
  • "A Case at Law" | William Dudley Pelley  47
    Someone needed killing … and they got it.
  • "Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett" | Max Brand  52
    A villain, a hero, and a damsel … an old formula with a twist.
  • "A Repeating Romeo" | May Belleville Brown 69
    Some loves never end, they just pause …
  • "My Sister’s Husband" | Michael Bracken  75
    Rekindled romance or necrophilia?
  • "Sneak Thief" | Richard Brister  87
    The kid chose the wrong alley to look down.
  • "Thirty Days on the Island" | Raymond J. Brown  95
    Did Manhattan have enough hiding places for his little game?
  • "Irregular Brethern" | H. Bedford-Jones  111
    A sermon of a different sort.
  • "Gary Bullock, Journeyman Actor" | Interview by Audrey Parente  63
    From science, to acting, to authoring a new SF fantasy novel.

134 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1981739585
Paperback: $12.95 | eBook: $3.99

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Pulp Adventures #26
Summer 2017


  • Brother Bones in "Then and Now" | Ron Fortier
  • Professor Moriarty in:
    "The Picture of Oscar Wilde" | Michael Kurland
  • John E. Petty | "Lillian"
  • "The Doting Burglar" | Ben Hecht
  • "Murder Is Fascinating" | Benton Brader
  • "Black Mastiff" by Stanley C. Sargent
  • "Birthday Bullets" | Richard Brister
  • "The People of the Pit" | A. Merritt
  • "Monster in the Maze" | Adam Beau McFarland
  • "Despair" | H.P. Lovecraft
  • "The Terrible Old Man" | H.P. Lovecraft

134 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1976360855
Paperback: $12.95 | eBook: $3.99

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Pulp Adventures #25
Spring 2017


  • The Golden Saint Meets the Scorpion Queen |
    Richard A. Lupoff
  • When the Means Just Defy the End | Stanley C. Sargent
  • Chicago Man | E. K. Jarvis
  • The Night Visitor | Bret Bouriseau
  • Waterfront Fists | Robert E. Howard
  • The Haunted Landscape | Greye La Spina
  • Ritual Burning | Stuart Hopen
  • Tigre and Isola | Will H. Thompson
  • Vampire Blood Strip | Tim J. Finn
  • Desert Rescue | Larry Latham

130 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1546699170
Paperback: $12.95 | eBook: $3.99

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Pulp Adventures #24
Winter 2017

Pulp Adventures #24 offers a roller coaster blend of new and classic genre fiction — mystery, science fiction, horror, romance, western, more! This issue also features a complete 46-page pulp-inspired graphic novel.


H. Bedford-Jones: "Down the Coast of Barbary"
Sam Merwin, Jr.: "Sheridan Rides Again,"
a Civil War/Reconstruction Days story.
Confederate soldiers seek asylum in Mexico, and General Phil Sheridan suspects a new attempt at conquering the Union.
H.P. Lovecraft: "Polaris"

Lovecraftian stories by ...

Frank Schindiler: "Beneath the Skin of the Earth"
John E. Petty: "The Horror in the Desert"
Richard A. Lupoff: "The Crimson Wizard and the Jewels of Lemuria," featuring a pulp-inspired hero battling a Lovecraftian menace.
Jack Bludis: "Borrowed Time," a hard-boiled thriller.

Graphic novel: Daemon Mask by Stuart Hopen and Russ Martin.
In this 46-page exclusive, written by Stuart Hopen (creator of The Twilight Patrol), you'll meet The Whisper, the wildest new pulp hero of all. Stranger than The Shadow ... crazier than The Spider! Lyle Courtland's odyssey begins when he reclaims a friend's body. Soon, he is pitted against a sadist, fighting evil when he comes into possession of the daemon mask -- or does it come into possession of him? The Whisper is a weird vigilante who could give nightmares to The Shadow ... crazier than The Spider! Once the bad guys meet him, they'll spend the remainder of their lives never forgetting him.

Pulp Adventures #24
184 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback

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Pulp Adventures #23
Fall 2016

Robert Leslie Bellem, Theodore Rocoe, Charles Dickens, Francis H. Allen, Richard A. Lupoff, Adam Beau McFarland, TJ Morris, Kevin Findley, Audrey Parente

  • "Dahmba" by TJ Morris
    The Church is the governing body in Terra's future, and thier "cleansers" must keep the peace. A short story that ties in with The Cathedral, full length novel by TJ Morris.
  • "Luck!" by Theodore Roscoe
    All life is a gamble — A whirlpool of chance from birth to the grave …
  • "Theodore Roscoe: High Class Pulp Fiction" by Audrey Parente
  • "Homicide Hotfoot" by Robert Leslie Bellem
    A tragic comedy team turns to Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective, for protection from a protection racket!
  • "Legends of L.A." by Kevin Findley
    A Hollywood hero gives the Los Angeles mob a taste of frontier justice!
  • "Sandstorm Circus" by Francis H. Allen
    It’s the way Mary swings those cymbals that plumb corrals the heart of Dismal Jones.
  • "The Laddie in the Lake" by Richard A. Lupoff
    A summer camp becomes a crime scene.
  • "Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Ghost" by Adam Beau McFarlane
    Had the old miser really embraced Christmas?
  • "What Christmas Is As We Grow Older" by Charles Dickens
    The author of “A Christmas Carol” reflects …

Pulp Adventures #23
138 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1539611035

Smashwords eBook
Kindle eBook edition

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Pulp Adventures #22
Summer 2016

Emmett McDowell, Richard A. Lupoff, Nick Xylas, Adam Beau McFarlane, Stuart Hopen, Jean Francis Webb

  • Petroglyphs by Richard A. Lupoff
    The markings told a past and future tale — and a humble printer’s devil didn’t know nothing about it.
  • The Great Green Blight by Emmett McDowell
    Spaceliners fell prey to savage phantom crews. A small band of men fight to save the Empire.
  • A Bondsman in the Land of Egypt by Nick Xylas
    Movie-making in an exotic locale, and a crook on the run.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the East End Nightmare
    by Adam Beau McFarlane
    A heinous fiend threatens the Whitechapel district.
  • The Tethers by Stuart Hopen
    A furlough for Orville Wootin and a flyboy squad turns deadly sitting ringside to a dance of death
  • Bataan Blood by  Jean Francis Webb
    Jigger was too small even for a half-pint, but he had the same courage as the boys at Bataan!
  • Informative features on Emmett McDowell by Douglas A. Anderson and Jean Francis Webb by John Locke.
  • Cover by H.L. Parkhurst.

Pulp Adventures #22
142 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1536891133

Smashwords eBook edition
Kindle eBook edition

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Pulp Adventures #21
Spring 2016

Does science fiction hold the solution to illegal immigration?

"Highway J" by Charles Eric Maine

Does science fiction hold the solution to illegal immigration? What becomes of a hapless scientist when his time-travel break-through makes him Public Enemy No. One in the 25th Century? What happens when finds himself the unwitting architect of the biggest immigration nightmare of all -- through time itself?

Also featuring: Ron Fortier, Patti Boeckman, Arthur Conan Doyle, Adam Beau McFarlane, Johnny Strike, Charles Eric Maine, C.K.M. Scanlon, H.P. Lovecraft, John E. Petty, and Leland S. Chester
  • "The Hideout" by Ron Fortier
    They planned to catch Brother Bones, the Undead Avenger, off-guard.
  • "Death of a Pulp Writer" by Patti Boeckman
  • "The Red-Headed League" by Arthur Conan Doyle
    A very exclusive club leads a swindled client to the great detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Quarantine"
    by Adam Beau McFarlane
    At last it can be told— The secret of the Giant Rat of Sumatra.
  • "Flowers for Christina" by Johnny Strike
    There was no customs inspection for his heart.
  • "Death Steps Down" by C.K.M. Scanlon
    A thug wants revenge, but gives a detective a chance to double the score!
  • "The Tree" by H.P. Lovecraft
    An ancient evil takes root.
  • "The Doom That Came to Roanoke" by John E. Petty
    The squat little statue was a harbinger of evil to come!
  • "From the Ground Up" by Leland S. Chester
    The whippersnapper thought he was a big shot, but made good on a promise!
  • Cover by Norman A. Saunders, original pulp illustrations.

Pulp Adventures #21
130 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1533383914

Smashwords eBook edition
Kindle eBook edition

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Pulp Adventures #20
Winter 2016

O. Henry, Johnston McCulley, Judson P. Philips,
Guy de Maupassant, John L. French, Audrey Parente,
Adam Beau McFarlane, Cliff Campbell

This issue is filled with iconic characters and authors!

  • "Zorro Serenades a Siren" by Johnston McCulley
  • "The Lacquer Box" by Judson P. Philips, author of the Park Avenue Hunt Club series
  • "The Caballero's Way" by O. Henry, the story that introduced the Cisco Kid to pop culture
  • "Death in Harbor City" by John L. French, a new thriller with Midnight and The Domino Lady
  • "The Horla" by Guy de Maupassant, the story that inspired Diary of a Madman starring Vincent Price
  • "Cry Mommie" by Audrey Parente
  • "Robot Graveyard" by Adam Beau McFarlane
  • "Fighting Chance" by Cliff Campbell, a gridiron story about a linebacker in desperate need of GPS.
  • Fantastic cover by Norman A. Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate!
  • Original pulp illustrations.

Pulp Adventures #20
130 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1523685110

Kinde edition: $2.99*

Due to licensing arrangements, "Zorro Serenades a Siren" and "The Lacquer Box" are not included in the Kindle / eBook edition.

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Pulp Adventures #19
Fall 2015

Sax Rohmer, Richard A. Lupoff, Roger Torrey,
Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Dave Martin, Karl Detzer

  • "The Daughter of Huang Chow" by Sax Rohmer
  • "Roadshow" by Roger Torrey
  • "Boxcar Mary" by Dave Martin
  • "Treason For Glory" by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
  • "Tangaroa's Eye"by Richard A. Lupoff, a new "Splash Shanahan" adventure -- two-fisted south seas adventure!
  • "A Pinch of Powder" by Karl W. Detzer
  • PLUS
  • "Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson: Searching for a Hero": biographical profile by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
  • Cover by Norman Saunders, with original pulp illustrations.

Pulp Adventures #19
144 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1517758004

Kinde edition: $2.99
Smashwords editions: $2.99

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Pulp Adventures #18
Summer 2015

Jim MacDonald, Robert Leslie Bellem,
Stewart Sterling, Lauran Paine, Richard A. Lupoff,
Gary Lovisi, Paul Dale Anderson.

  • "MacDonald's Nightmare Safari" by Jim MacDonald.
  • "Model For a Corpse" by Robert Leslie Bellem
    Why was the the nude cupcake chilled over a diary? For enough geetus, Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective, seeks out the book.
  • "The Corpse Doctor" by Stewart Sterling
    Detective Steve Koski hunts for killers sailing New York Harbor.
  • "Two-Gun Lady" by Lauran Paine
    With a fully-loaded heart, she handled a gun better'n most men!
  • "Treasure of the Red Robe Men" by Richard A. Lupoff
    A new south seas adventure with a new south seas hero -- Splash Shanahan is the name, and you won't soon forget it!
  • "New Blood" by Gary Lovisi
  • "Who Knows What Evil Lurks?" by Paul Dale Anderson
  • PLUS
  • "Lauran Paine, Authentic Old West Pulp Author" by David Ouse
  • Short sidebars on Dan Turner, the Men's Adventure Magazine genre, and Splash Shanahan.
  • Original pulp illustrations, cover by Norman Saunders.

Pulp Adventures #18
134 pages, $12.95
7"x10" Paperback
ISBN: 978-1515101109

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Pulp Adventures #17
Spring 2015

Johnston McCulley, Charles Boeckman, Basil Wells,
Walt Coburn, Richard Lupoff, Richard Simms.

  • "The Kidnapped Midas" by Johnston McCulley
    The Thunderbolt shows a stingy skinflint the error of his ways by making him pay his own ransom.
  • "I'll Make the Arrest" Charles Boeckman
    A police lieutenant assures everyone that he'll arrest a murder suspect -- until the case turns personal ....
  • "Caverns of Ith" by Basil Wells
    Could humans and the race of interior world dwellers co-exist peacefully? It was possible, if they could stand together against a group of raiders ...
  • "Firebrand" by Walt Coburn
    That ugly accusation had been branded onto his skin, and he would carry it with him to the grave ... but he intended to usher the culprits into the grave ahead of him!
  • "Working Class Hero" by Richard Lupoff
    Basil Wells remains an overlooked treasure in science fiction.
  • "Introduction to Caverns of Ith"
    A brief introduction to a science-fantasy classic.
  • Original pulp illustrations, plus new art by Ed Coutts.
    Cover by Norman Saunders.

Pulp Adventures #17
150 pages, $12.95
ISBN-13:  978-1511695947
Kindle edition: $2.99

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Pulp Adventures #16
Winter 2015
Featuring the works of Arthur J. Burks, Johnston McCulley,
Charles E. Fritch, and L. H. Hayum.

  • Reprinted together, back-to-back, in this issue Arthur J. Burks' earth-shaking science-fiction thriller "Survival" and "Exodus" -- two stories recounting a future America's flight into subterranean chambers to escape an invasion of Mongol invaders -- and their triumphant return to reclaim the surface world as their own!
  • "Thubway Tham's Four Queens" by Johnston McCulley
    Detective Craddock has his suspicions, but the notorious pickpocket known as Thubway Tham considered himself a guest of honor at a high-stakes poker game.
  • "The Watcher" by Charles E. Fritch
    He awaited his destiny, watching the stars for a sign from afar ...
  • "63,571" by L. L. Hayum.
    She was slaving over a hot griddle when someone offered her a ride in a fancy new car. Why not?
  • Original pulp illustrations, plus new illustrations by Ed Coutts. Classic cover by Norman Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate.

Pulp Adventures #16
ISBN-13: 978-1505924800
162 pages, $12.95

Kinde edition: $2.99

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Pulp Adventures #15
Fall 2014
Ron Fortier, C.J. Henderson, more!

  • "Fury In Vermont" by Ron Fortier
    The stunningly seductive adventuress Kate Fury in a fight to the death against zombies!
  • "Toothpick" by C.J. Henderson
    Jack Hagee, private eye, hunts a vicious serial killer -- until the hunter becomes the hunted.
  • "Blondes Make Mistakes" by Robert Leslie Bellem.
    A smart-mouth private gumshoe stifles his wisecracks with the help of a beautiful blonde's lips.
  • "Web of Smoke" by G.T. Fleming Roberts
    A modern day Ozymandeous boasts of his achievements, until he realizes that the young up-and-comers have a target on his back.
  • "Werwile of the Crystal Crypt" by Gardner F. Fox,
    An opera of time-and-space.
  • Original pulp illustrations, plus new illustrations by Ed Coutts. Classic cover by Norman Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate.

Pulp Adventures #15
ISBN-13: 978-1500935580
130 pages, $12.95

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