A go-it alone guy battling a tide of corruption ...

Meet Jack Hagee

The first of C.J. Henderson’s series characters, hardboiled detective Jack Hagee is one of the toughest private eyes ever created. Appearing in novels, short stores and even graphic novels, this New York City-based hard case earned the author acres of praise when he first arrived on the scene. Ex-military intelligence, calculating, brutal and honest, Hagee seemed at first to be nothing more than a Mike Hammer clone. The wit, vitality and honor of the character, however, quickly established him as a breath of fresh air in the over-crowded field of cookie-cutter P.I.s.

C.J. Henderson is a virtuoso in the field of hardboiled fiction — and Jack Hagee’s cases show him writing at his sharpest, toughest, most cynical. Jack Hagee is a unique character in hardboiled fiction. Tall, tough, and honest, he struggles against a dark and bitter world.

Watch for more Jack Hagee adventures in September 2015!

No Torrent Like Greed
starring Jack Hagee, Private Eye

by C.J. Henderson

Finally! The long lost Jack Hagee novel!
Never before published!

Just weeks after the events of "Nothing Lasts Forever, Jack bets big on "a sure thing." He should have known better. To recoup his losses, Jack takes a case his inner voice tells him is best left untouched. What follows involves Jack and his friends with the Feds, The Russians, and an organization capable of blowing New York City off the map. And it all begins as a simple investigation into an ice cream company ....

This is Jack Hagee at his toughest, tackling his toughest case, with his scribe C. J. Henderson writing at his toughest! The last great hardboiled hero before the red tide of "political correctness" washed over the our great country. Hagee calls them like he sees them, and he sees everything through the uncompromising lense of truth.

With a special introduction by Gary Lovisi, editor of Hardboiled and Paperback Parade, and a knock-out cover by Robert A. Maguire, Jack Hagee's fnal full-length adventure is pure dynamite!

JACK HAGEE: No Torrent Like Greed
ISBN-13: 978-1512063363
246 pages: $16.95

Kindle Book: $2.99

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Nothing Lasts Forever
starring Jack Hagee, Private Eye

by C.J. Henderson

Jack Hagee's third full-length adventure turns out to be his toughest -- on him, his friends, and the bad guys who hang a target on his back.

An executive woman hires Hagee to protect her daughter from an abusive ex-husband. Afterward, when he decides to form his own detective agency, someone marks the occasion with military-grade fireworks. Once he dusts himself off, he's on a flight to Hong Kong to get revenge on the culprit -- and while he's at it, he just might track down a duplicitous political figure and three-billion missing dollars.

But first things first ...

JACK HAGEE: Nothing Lasts Forever
ISBN-13: 978-1511696234
300 pages: $16.95

Kindle Book: $2.99

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Something For Nothing
A mystery starring Jack Hagee, Private Eye

by C.J. Henderson

A killer stalks the streets of New York. The police call him “The Outliner.” His first three victims were outlined in white chalk. The fourth in blue, the fifth in pink — with roses. The citizens are growing increasingly paniced, and soon everyone is hunting The Outliner, including Jack Hagee, private eye.

A reporter friend also enlists his help is searching for information pertaining to corruption in City Hall. Hagee is no fool -- newspapers are full of investigators, so there must be danger ahead.

While waiting for a break in the "Outliner" case, a vicious street gang demands “tribute” from one of his clients. Big mistake ... on their part, and maybe Hagee’s, as well!

JACK HAGEE: Something For Nothing
ISBN-13: 978-1507672495
250 pages: $16.95

Kindle book: $2.99

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C. J. Henderson, author

CJ Henderson (1951-2014) was the creator of the Jack Hagee hardboiled PI series, the Piers Knight supernatural investigator series, and many more. Author of some seventy books, as well as hundreds and hundreds of short stories and comics, and thousands of non-fiction pieces, this prolific writer was known for action, adventure, comedy, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and for being able to assemble the best BLT this side of the Pecos. In addition to Jack Hagee, P.I., and supernatural investigator Teddy London, C.J. handled much of the work for Moonstone Books' highly successful Kolchak: The Night Stalker franchise.

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