A DATE WITH THE EXECUTIONER by Ellen Smith (True Crime)
A NAME TO MATCH MY SOUL by James BraveWolf
AWESOME TALES #1 -- A new DOMINO LADY adventure by Rich Harvey and Rick Leider!
BET YOUR OWN MAN by C.J. Henderson
BIANCA JONES: BLOOD IS THE LIFE by John L. French (Baltimore Police vs. Vampires!)
HELLFIRE LOUNGE -- Mystery & Horror anthology series
JACK HAGEE, P.I. -- A bare-knuckle detective paddling upstream in a corrupt world
NOTHING LASTS FOREVER -- Jack Hagee travels to Hong Kong for hardboiled action!
PLOT GENIE -- The Writer's Friend! Dial up plots for a surprising variety of stories!
PULP ADVENTURES -- Super pulp anthology series, covering all genres of pulp fiction!
PULP MASTER: The Theodore Roscoe Story (AudioBook)
SOMETHING FOR NOTHING by C.J. Henderson -- Jack Hagee fights a protection racket!
STRICTLY POISON and Other Stories by Charles Boeckman

TO BATTLE BEYOND by C.J. Henderson -- starring The Black Bat and The Domino Lady!
WORLD MANHUNTERS Vol 1 Num 1 -- Featuring CRAIG KENNEDY by Arthur B. Reeves

Pulp Adventures #17
Johnston McCulley, Charles Boeckman, Basil Wells, Walt Coburn, Richard Lupoff, Richard Simms.

  • "The Kidnapped Midas" by Johnston McCulley
    The Thunderbolt shows a stingy skinflint the error of his ways by making him pay his own ransom.
  • "I'll Make the Arrest" Charles Boeckman
    A police lieutenant assures everyone that he'll arrest a murder suspect -- until the case turns personal ....
  • "Caverns of Ith" by Basil Wells
    Could humans and the race of interior world dwellers co-exist peacefully? It was possible, if they could stand together against a group of raiders ...
  • "Firebrand" by Walt Coburn
    That ugly accusation had been branded onto his skin, and he would carry it with him to the grave ... but he intended the usher the culprits into the grave ahead of him!
  • "Working Class Hero" by Richard Lupoff
    Basil Wells remains an overlooked treasure in science fiction.
  • "Introduction to Caverns of Ith"
    A brief introduction to a science-fantasy classic.
  • Original pulp illustrations, plus new illustrations by Ed Coutts.
    Cover by Norman Saunders.

Pulp Adventures
Quarterly pulp fiction
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Plot Genie: Detective-Mystery
Supplemental Forumla #3

by Wycliffe A. Hill

Authors undertake a difficult task when they attempt to create a compelling mystery that “plays fair” with readers. The Plot Genie: Detective-Mystery supplement can aide you, like a loyal sidekick and raconteur!

In this volume, Wycliffe A. Hill presents nine sections, each with various sub-sections — Type of crime, victim, perpetrator, clues and red herrings, motives — to create a layered and complex puzzle to challenge readers.

With this special supplement to the Plot Genie, creating a baffling and exciting mystery/detective yarn is an elementary task!

The Plot Genie series
Volumes #1 - 6 and the Index
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Nothing Lasts Forever
starring Jack Hagee, Private Eye

by C.J. Henderson

Jack Hagee's third full-length adventure turns out to be his toughest -- on him, his friends, and the bad guys who hang a target on his back.

An executive woman hires Hagee to protect her daughter from an abusive ex-husband. Afterward, when he decides to form his own detective agency, someone marks the occasion with military-grade fireworks. Once he dusts himself off, he's on a flight to Hong Kong to get revenge on the culprit -- and while he's at it, he just might track down a duplicitous political figure and three-billion missing dollars.

But first things first ...

JACK HAGEE: Nothing Lasts Forever
ISBN-13: 978-1511696234
300 pages: $16.95

Kindle Book: $2.99
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A Date With the Executioner
by Ellen Smith

(True Crime)

In the pages of A Date With the Executioner, you will become intimately acquainted with the sister of a charismatic man who killed without remorse and faced the ultimate punishment.

A Date With the Executioner is a non-fiction/true crime story, with only the names changed to protect the innocent. But more than just a crime thriller, this story, told through the sister's eyes, relates how from a young age her normal family life was disrupted by her brother's erratic behavior which hinted early on at a destructive personality. She relates how her tormented mother was constantly turned aside by the system in a futile search to find him help, long before he was executed by the same system that ignored him.

The brother, a death-row prisoner in Texas for 17 years was loved and hated, and his controversial circumstances caused agony to his victims and deeper agony and humiliation to his own family leading up to his execution.

A Date With the Executioner
ISBN: 978-1511505659
207 pages, $14.95

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Blood Is the Life
by John L. French

(Horror / Adventure)

Vampires in Baltimore? It hardly seems likely, but Detective Bianca Jones finds herself on the case anyway. Having vanquished monsters and demons, Bianca became the unofficial monster-hunter of the BPD, catching the assignments no one speaks about – not to other officers, not to the public and certainly not to the media.

The hunt starts when something begins preying on people in Druid Hill Park. It continues when bodies drained of blood turn up throughout the city as another cop starts investigating Bianca. Finally, it culminates in a battle with an ages-old master vampire against whom the usual tactics and weapons are useless.

Can Bianca prevail? She better. For if she loses, so does all of Baltimore.

Author John L. French is a crime scene supervisor with the Baltimore Police Department Crime Laboratory. In 1992 he began writing crime fiction, basing his stories on his experiences on the streets of what some have called one of the most dangerous cities in the country. His books include The Devil of Harbor City, Souls On Fire, Past Sins, Bullets and Brimstone and Here There Be Monsters. He is the editor of Bad Cop, No Donut, which features tales of police behaving badly.

Blood Is the Life
ISBN: 978-1511568531
120 pages, $9.95

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Strictly Poison
and Other Stories
by Charles Boeckman

Charles Boeckman's biography often reads like the stuff of pulp fiction. He left home in the early 1940s and became a jazz musician, traveling the country, kicking around between New York City and New Orleans. In between gigs, he purchased a used typewriter and began pounding out hardboiled stories. Eventually, the legendary Popular Publications editor Mike Tilden purchased one of his stories for Detective Tales. After that accomplishment, Boeckman began appearing in Dime DetectiveManhuntAlfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and many others.

Mr. Boeckman's stories usually focused on sad people trying to escape their dreary lives -- shifty con-artists, embittered detectives and hen-pecked losers. The author's jazz background in jazz music figures into several stories, reaching a two-fisted crescendo.

The twenty-two stories in this anthology were originally published in various pulp magazines -- and now they appear together, wrapped in a breath-taking cover by Robert A. Maguire.

Two of Mr. Boeckman's stories (included in this anthology) have been adapted for television. For ProSe Press, he developed the Johnny Nickle jazz-detective series. Today, he cranks out stories from his Texas home, along with his wife Patti, a formidable author in her own right.

This title will be available for purchase on March 15th.

Strictly Poison
ISBN: 978-1508671220
294 pages, $16.95

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Something For Nothing
A mystery starring Jack Hagee, Private Eye

by C.J. Henderson

A killer stalks the streets of New York. The police call him “The Outliner.” His first three victims were outlined in white chalk. The fourth in blue, the fifth in pink — with roses. The citizens are growing increasingly paniced, and soon everyone is hunting The Outliner, including Jack Hagee, private eye. A reporter friend also enlists his help is searching for information pertaining to corruption in City Hall. Hagee is no fool -- newspapers are full of investigators, so there must be danger ahead. While waiting for a break in the "Outliner" case, a vicious street gang demands “tribute” from one of his clients. Big mistake ... on their part, and maybe Hagee’s, as well!

C.J. Henderson is a virtuoso in the field of hardboiled fiction — and Jack Hagee’s cases show him writing at his sharpest, toughest, most cynical. Jack Hagee is a unique character in hardboiled fiction. Tall, tough, and honest, he struggles against a dark and bitter world.

JACK HAGEE: Something For Nothing
ISBN-13: 978-1507672495
ISBN-10: 1507672497

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The Theodore Roscoe Story
(audio flashdrive)

by Audrey Parente
Contains bonus interview "footage" with Argosy-author Roscoe!

For nearly a decade, Theodore Roscoe filled the pages of Argosy and Adventure with tales of high adventure and exotic locales. Equally exotic were characters like Foreign Legionnaire Thibaut Corday, and the various characters drifting across the globe in search of treasure and good fortune.

Audrey Parente interviewed the venerable pulp writer over the course of several years in the 1980s. Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story is the result of hundreds of hours spent reading stories, manuscripts and correspondence, and several visits to New York City scouring through publishers' archives. Pulpmaster is a complete profile of a talented author and a spoken photograph of the pulp magazine industry of the 1930s -- a world that no longer exists except in the crumbling pages of decades-old magazines.

Pulp Master: The Theodore Roscoe Story
Audio Book with bonus interview tracks
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The print version and eBook version of Pulpmaster is available from Altus Press.

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Edited by R. Allen Leider

Mystery / Horror / Anthology series

Satan is your host and his guests include Beezlebub, Druscilla Marie d'Lambert (Wicca Girl) and Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz (Daughter of Darkness). The drinks are strong and a coven of master storytellers impart strange and unearthly tales.

The coven of authors include C.J. Henderson, R. Allen Leider, Richard Dean Starr, James Chambers, John L. French, KT Pinto, Jean Marie Ward, Robert Waters, Patrick Thomas, Paul Kupperberg and Danielle Ackley McPhail.

Step inside, by following the link below, and join the party! You never know who you'll meet in THE HELLFIRE LOUNGE!

Hellfire Lounge
Volumes #1 - 4
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by C.J. Henderson

Action / Adventure

In the opening days of WWII, the free world sat in dread anticipation as the Axis turned its deadly attentions on one country after another. With an ocean to protect her on either side, the United States hoped to be spared participation in the apocalyptic confrontation to come. Knowing their only chance was a sneak attack, the Japanese hight command settles on a dark and terrible plan, one involving damnable sorceries and horrors from beyond to cripple the American colossus.

Join us as three of the Pulp Era's greatest heroes--primary Batman inspiration, The Black Bat; The Domino Lady, greatest of the girl detectives; and H.P. Lovecraft's immortal creation, Inspector Legrasse--band together to battle nightmare and ninjas in one of the wildest, most exciting adventure novels of all time!

C.J. Henderson created new adventures for the likes of Kolchak, The Night Stalker; The Phantom, Mr. Moto, Batman, The Punisher, The Spider, Lin Carter's Anton Zarnak; the Avenger and a score of others. Known around the world for his ability to infuse characters with a startling and electric dynamism, New Mystery Magazine said: "If as some argue, the hardboiled private eye mystery story is a literary form on a par with the Japanese haiku or Irish ballad, then Mr. Henderson deserves the mantle of literary master."

Also: A special introduction by Ron Fortier, "Who the Hell Are These Guys?", and "Only an Hour," a new Black Bat solo adventure by C.J. Henderson!

To Battle Beyond
ISBN-13: 978-1502967664
ISBN-10: 1502967669
246 pages, $14.95

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by James BraveWolf

Fiction / Children

James BraveWolf delivers a tale inspired by a from life -- an eagle soars high above the earth, targeting a small wolf cub. While the prey seeks to escape, the eagle laments its imposed role, that of hunter a taker of life.

The Sun Behind the Sky is a sophisticated tale aimed at children 10 and up, with color illustrations sprinkled throughout the text. The author also contributes two verses on wealth and health, and a four-legged friend.

The Sun Behind the Sky
ISBN-13: 978-1505217452
ISBN-10: 1505217458
30 pages, $12.95

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by James BraveWolf

Philosophy / Essay

James BraveWolf addresses the erosion of humanity and its so-called "connectivity" in this book of insightful essays. Human beings are allowing technology to replace their everyday experiences and feelings with programmed entertainment, creating a false illusion of life. And, the author asserts, that is no accident. These people are referred to as "taste-makers" by some, but BraveWolf refers to them as "the Leviathan."

"Technology can take away reality and replace it with an artificial copy," BraveWolf writes. "The self-absorbed superficiality that has replaced the world is total now. But the Youth Culture that is worshiped as the new 'ism' is only a disguise — there is a nonliving aspect to those who were born after the world was replaced. They are disconnected, even with all their wireless connections. They are becoming copies of human beings. Copies make no impression on us."

Join the author in the pages of this thoughtful tome, but be prepared to open your eyes to a new truth ... a truth lost through decades of electronic entertainment and social engineering.

A Name to Match My Soul
ISBN-13: 978-1503227163
ISBN-10: 1503227162
174 pages, $14.95

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by Wycliffe A. Hill

First in the PLOT GENIE (TM) series!

THIS is the fabled tome that inspired Gillian Conoley's novel The Plot Genie. You've heard the tall tales about this book -- Now it's time to write tall tales of your own!

The book lists hundreds of locales, characters, dramatic situations, and plot twists. When used in conjunction with the Plot Robot (TM), a cardboard spinner wheel imprinted with "random" numbers, the author promised it would generate enough ideas to keep an author writing for years.

The Plot Genie has been out-of-print for decades, and has been commanding high prices on the rare book market. Now you can own it for a fraction of the cost of an original. Don't worry -- If Wycliffe A. Hill's claims are reliable, you'll immediately make back the cost by writing best-selling fiction!

Watch for the PLOT GENIE supplements:
#1: "Romance" (February 2015)
#2: "Action-Adventure" (March 2015)
#3: "Detective-Mystery (May 2015)
#4: "Comedy" (July 2015)
#5: "Short-Short Story" (August 2015) and
#6: "True Confession" (October 2015)

NOTE: The "Plot Robot" is NOT included with the book. It was a separate cardboard wheel enclosed with each book purchase direct from the original publisher. Bold Venture Press may make the wheel available for purchase -- but in the meantime, you can download your own "Plot Robot" in PDF format. Once you print it, all you'll need is a scissors and paper fastener.

The Plot Genie series
Volumes #1 - 6 and the Index
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Awesome Tales #1
Fall 2014

A new publication featuring stories in all genres -- and also featuring classic characters in exciting new stories! In the "Pretenders to the Throne," the sultry DOMINO LADY battles a supernatural menace threatening London. In her civilian identity, the lovely Ellen Patrick, on behalf of the Roberts Commission, appraises artworks stolen by the Nazis -- after-hours, as the DOMINO LADY she plays a cat-and-mouse game with a gentleman thief who is in over his head. Nazis, witches, and the pulp-style of excitement. This is a rollicking tale that brings together the pulp femme fatale and Wicca Girl, co-author R. Allen Leider's 900-year old witch turned MI6 agent. Face it, this yarn has everything!

In addition to the 15,000 word lead feature, this issue also features two spine-tingling back-up stories. "Seven Pictures" by Jean-Marie Ward deals with murder and hubris at the Pentagon, while "The Warlock Murders" confronts Druscilla (a.k.a. Wicca Girl) with an unsolved 300-year old mystery.

New illustrations by Ed Coutts, including a dynamic cover painting featuring the Domino Lady.

Awesome Tales #1
ISBN-13: 978-1502904614
ISBN-10: 1502904616
54 pages, $6.00

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Pulp Adventures
Anthology series showcasing all pulp fiction genres!

PULP ADVENTURES presents classic fiction from the original pulp magazines, complete with their accompanying illustrations -- and stories that lurk on the outskirts of pulp fiction's city limits. Mystery, Detective, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Western, Romance -- the pulp magazines covered every genre, and invented a few of them along the way.

PULP ADVENTURES profiles the great, famous authors, and the artisans who toiled in obscurity; The penny-a-word hacks and the thousand-dollar personalities who graduated to the slicks and to celluloid. Every issue of Pulp Adventures is a voyage into the dark regions of the pulp jungle -- don your pith helmets and embark on great reading!

Original pulp illustrations, new illustrations by Ed Coutts. Classic covers by Norman Saunders, courtesy of the artist's estate.

Pulp Adventures
Quarterly pulp fiction
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World Man-Hunters
Volume 1 Number 1, January 1934, Pulp facsimile

A rare pulp magazine returns in this facsimile edition from Bold Venture Press. Super-sleuth Craig Kennedy returns in "Murder Around the Corner" by Arthur B. Reeves. Also, stories by W.N. Jennings, S. Omar Baker, Justin Pate and many others.

World Man-Hunters
ISBN-13: 978-1501034886
ISBN-10: 150103488X
128 pages, $14.95

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Challenge of the Unknown
by C.J. Henderson

Edited by John L. French

Bold Venture Press proudly takes you behind the scenes of Challenge of the Unknown, with your host Marv Richards, the most daring investigative program ever aired. Uncover the truth behind sea monsters and cockroach fairies; thrill to aliens, vampires, and werewolves. Watch Marv Richards and his intrepid crew risk their lives, and learn the truth about elder gods and ancient menaces; meet the toughest cop in Baltimore and Marv Richards witness for the defense in the trial of the century; and-oh yeah-zombies! Follow them as they confront the Unknown, and rise to the Challenge -- if you dare!

Challenge of the Unknown
ISBN-13: 978-1500550882
ISBN-10: 1500550884
262 pages, $17.99

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Bet Your Own Man
Hardboiled Tales of Truth and Pain
by C.J. Henderson
Twenty hard-hitting tales of war, lust, revenge, hate and madness -- spanning the genres of fantasy, mystery, horror and science fiction. Inside this volume, you will find ordinary men and women in extraordinary circumstances, forced to make life's hardest choices. Also, white-knuckled action with appearances by private eye Jack Hagee and supernatural detective Teddy London.

Bet Your Own Man
ISBN-13: 978-1497358843
ISBN-10: 1497358841
250 pages, $16.99

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Wicca Girl
"Fighting Fire With Hellfire Since 1091 A.D."
by R. Allen Leider

Join Druscilla Marie d'Lambert on her amazing odyssey from convent schoolgirl to Queen of the Witches, to MI-6 supernatural agent "Wicca Girl". This first book of a trilogy begins when Satan banishes his serial-killer mistress of 18 years, Countess Jocelyn Von Hagen. The result is a 900 year reign of terror that sweeps up Druscilla, a Medieval girl with a mysterious destiny, and catapults her into a fantastic world of supernatural beings, dark mysteries and international spies.

Wicca Girl #1
ISBN-13: 978-1499362732
ISBN-10: 1499362730
204 pages, $14.00

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Deadly Dames
Sometimes the last man standing is a woman ...
Edited by Gary Lovisi
Fifteen stories featuring the women that Mom warned you about. They're lovers, bitches, whores, heroines, and crazies -- They're the deadliest dames you'll ever meet, lurking in this thrill-packed collection! New fiction by Art Cosing, John Sunseri, Wayne Dundee, Vin Packer, Fleur Bradley, Gary Lovisi, Terrence Butler, Ed Gorman, Pearce Hansen, C.J. Henderson, Arlette Lees, Cindy Rosmus, and Michael A. Black, and a classic "Ms. Tree" story by Max Allan Collins. Each story has a striking black and white illustration by Ben Fogletto, and a classic cover by the great Robert Maguire. These yarns forcibly demonstrate that sometimes, the last man standing is a WOMAN.
196 pages, illustrated. $16.95 COMING SOON

Deadly Dames
196 pages, $16.95

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