Blood Is the Life
by John L. French

(Horror / Adventure)

Vampires in Baltimore? It hardly seems likely, but Detective Bianca Jones finds herself on the case anyway. Having vanquished monsters and demons, Bianca became the unofficial monster-hunter of the BPD, catching the assignments no one speaks about — not to other officers, not to the public and certainly not to the media.

The hunt starts when something begins preying on people in Druid Hill Park. It continues when bodies drained of blood turn up throughout the city as another cop starts investigating Bianca. Finally, it culminates in a battle with an ages-old master vampire against whom the usual tactics and weapons are useless.

Can Bianca prevail? She better. For if she loses, so does all of Baltimore.

Author John L. French is a crime scene supervisor with the Baltimore Police Department Crime Laboratory. In 1992 he began writing crime fiction, basing his stories on his experiences on the streets of what some have called one of the most dangerous cities in the country. His books include The Devil of Harbor City, Souls On Fire, Past Sins, Bullets and Brimstone and Here There Be Monsters. He is the editor of Bad Cop, No Donut, which features tales of police behaving badly.

Blood Is the Life
ISBN: 978-1511568531
120 pages, $9.95

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