They went into hybernation for a few decades ...
But they have awakened ... with a vengeance!

Awesome Tales is a thrilling publication featuring new stories of venerated pulp heroes and heroines -- and modern tales told with the sensibilities of the grand pulp magazines. Awesome Tales presents fiction where men are men, wrong is wrong, and bad guys are punished.

Awesome Tales #7 -- featuring The Strange Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Awesome Tales #6 -- featuring The Domino Lady!
Awesome Tales #5 -- featuring Tom Corbett, Space Cadet!
Awesome Tales #4 -- featuring The nefarious Devil Doctor!
Awesome Tales #3 -- featuring Fantomas!
Awesome Tales #2 -- featuring Dr. Mabuse!
Awesome Tales #1 -- featuring The Domino Lady!

Awesome Tales #7
Winter 2018

The Strange Adventures
of Sherlock Holmes

72 pages, 7" x 10"
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

Five new short-stories
and a short historical article

1) "The Incident of the Wild West Witch" by R. Allen Leider ... Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson tour the U.S.A., and confront an unearthly menace during a stop in Tombstone, Arizona!

2) "The Long September Night" by Robert E. Waters ... Jack the Ripper is just a terrible memory in Whitechapel, but a woman comes to Sherlock Holmes claiming the monster still roams the night.

3) "A Pardonable Offense" by John L. French
A safecracker makes a deal with Sherlock Holmes and learns about honor.

4) "A Study in Evil" by Gary Lovisi ... Has Sherlock Holmes finally crossed the line and resorted to murder?

5) "The Yellow Thread" by DJ Tyrer ... Holmes and Watson confront a man determined to spread madness.

6) "The Man in Sherlock’s Castle" by Audrey Parente ... William Gillette portrayed the inscrutable detective on stage, and created a castle worthy of the Baskervilles.

Illustrations by Ed Coutts, design by Rich Harvey

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Awesome Tales #6
2017 — Special Crime Issue!

62 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1979079976
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

Six new short-stories!

1) "Give Them a Corpse" ... The Domino Lady’s New York adventure begins when a young girl becomes the pawn in a vicious blackmail scheme. A new adventure by Rich Harvey; First of a series!

2) "The Platinum Membership" by KT Pinto ...
A small Nazi Germany village falls prey to a shredding terror, and supernatural detective Raphael Jones investigates side-by-side with the Gestapo.

3) "Caring" by CJ Henderson ... Jack Hagee, P.I., is contracted to protect a most desirable and complicated star from a kidnap plot.

4) "Dance of Death" by Patrick Thomas and John L. French ... Jack Gardner and the ethical assassin, Rao, team-up to take down a Colombian drug gang.

5) "Doubt" by DJ Tyrer ... P.I. Milo Fisk runs the gauntlet to solve the murder of a mob soldier, and locate a missing cash payoff.

6) "Clear As Glass" by Jean Marie Ward ... How does a Real Wife of Malibu handle a cheating spouse?

Cover by Ed Coutts.

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Awesome Tales #5
Spring 2017

62 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1546348405
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

Space helmets on for the science fiction issue!

"Tom Corbett and the Mutant Masters" by R. Allen Leider — An untold tale of mystery and mayhem — Tom Corbett and his companions investigate kidnappings on Mars. The mystery leads to a mad genius and genetic experiments, and the intrigue that occurs when big business and science collide head-on!

"Red Sands" by DJ Tyrer — a space crew's disappearance leads to startling discoveries.

"Casablanca Blues" by KT Pinto — An adventure in a universe of warriors and uncertain exploration.

"The Finishers" by Audrey Parente — A perfect society was the goal, but it proves slightly imperfect with a tyrannical health care system!

Cover and illustrations by Ed Coutts.

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Awesome Tales #4
Fall 2016

66 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1539698999
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

The Manchurian Menace is on the prowl again!

1942 — the Japanese occupation of China. The Devil Doctor and his equally sinister daughter race OSS, MI-6, Gestapo and Kempeitai agents to find a missing Chinese scientist. His discovery, the secret to the Atomic Bomb, is the prize!

Also in this issue: A stranded conquistador and his crew faces certain death at the hands of Mayan cultists; The Pink Reaper hunts a serial killer; Detective Raphael Jones investigates the case of “The Golden Curl” when a mysterious child searches for his lost parents.

More original thrills and adventure, written especially for this issue!

New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.

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Awesome Tales #3
Winter 2016

54 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1523898510
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

Fantomas! His name sends icy shivers down the stalwart spines of French authorities. Fantomas! He deals in death and mayhem for high stakes profit! No stakes are higher than world freedom, so the shadowy criminal offers to combat the German war machine. When Fantomas makes an offer, the contract is signed in blood!

Plus: "Taxi to Hell" by Lee Richards -- Step on it! How often do cab drivers hear that snarled command? This cabbie steps on it, alright — steps on love and hate, stomps on heart and lungs, and grinds out the last spark of life! ALSO In "The Emerald Eye" by KT Pinto, you'll meet Raphael Jones, a new hardboiled P.I.! He rolls his eyes over a new client and heeds her bidding, for three times his normal rate — until he’s dealing with forces beyond mortal comprehension!

New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.

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Awesome Tales #2
Fall 2015

50 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1518743689
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

World War II, hardboiled cops, and a band of amateur ghost-hunters! It's all here in Awesome Tales #2 !

Awesome Tales returns with a new spine-tingler by R. Allen Leider -- "Der Feurher Mabuse," documents a heretofore unchronicled exploit of Dr. Mabuse, the legendary super-criminal from novels and silent films! As World War II rages onward, the Nazi hierarchy begins questioning Hitler's judgment. Is the mind of Dr. Mabuse pulling the nefarious strings?

Also in this issue: "The Last Redhead" (by John L. French) uses her luscious body as bait and payment for a hitman; In "Cruelty" by C.J. Henderson, a supernatural detective searches a museum for artifacts attracting and ancient evil; KT Pinto's "Something Fishy This Way Comes" features a hokey "ghost tour" turned deadly when real ghosts decide to add some authenticity to the proceedings!

New illustrations by Ed Coutts.
Cover design by Rich Harvey.

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Awesome Tales #1
Fall 2014

54 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1502904614
Paperback: $6.00 | eBook: $2.99

A new publication featuring stories in all genres -- and also featuring classic characters in exciting new stories! In the "Pretenders to the Throne," the sultry DOMINO LADY battles a supernatural menace threatening London. In her civilian identity, the lovely Ellen Patrick, on behalf of the Roberts Commission, appraises artworks stolen by the Nazis -- after-hours, as the DOMINO LADY she plays a cat-and-mouse game with a gentleman thief who is in over his head. Nazis, witches, and pulp-style excitement. This is a rollicking tale bringing together the pulp femme fatale and Wicca Girl, co-author R. Allen Leider's 900-year old witch turned MI6 agent. Face it, this yarn has everything!

In addition to the 15,000 word lead feature, this issue also features two spine-tingling back-up stories. "Seven Pictures" by Jean-Marie Ward deals with murder and hubris at the Pentagon, while "The Warlock Murders" confronts Druscilla (a.k.a. Wicca Girl) with an unsolved 300-year old mystery.

New illustrations and cover by Ed Coutts.
Design by Rich Harvey.

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